#TheBrackets Interview Wishlist

If you know any of these pretty famous people, and want to help a brotha out in growing his podcast, send an email to info@jclevelandpayne.net:

– Noah Kagan: He was an early Facebook employee that sees getting fired as the spark to his current success.
– LeBron James: ‘King’ James is at the top of the discussion for greatest NBA player of all time, and not afraid to speak his mind
– Billy Idol: Because he’s Billy Idol and still has his Billy Idol hair
– JK Simmons: He’s played J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man, Commissioner James Gordon in Justice League, and Schillinger in HBO’s OZ
– Ice T: Because the same guy who made cassette tapes when I was in 8th grade that my parents hated is love now by my grandmother for being a pretend cop.
– TJ Holmes: He’s from Arkansas and every says they know him and he is cool.
– Chris Cuomo: To answer the question, “Why are there so many lawyers in TV news?”
– Joe Scarborough: About the Powerpoint presentation that got him ‘Morning Joe’ and changed his career
– Diamond Dallas Page: The ‘realist’ realist guy on the planet about the unlikely likelihood of what he has become.