The Big List for 2017: Weekly Wrap-Up Show For 12/30/2017

Headlines on another Miss America exec resigning over emails, Wikileaks hacktivist Julian Assange ‘deleting’ his account on Twitter on Christmas, “Morning Joe” co-star Mika Brzezinski under fire for stance on alleged sex harasser Mark Halperin, “Dr. Phil” Show producers providing alcohol and drugs to guests that were addicts before their appearances, and longtime Atlanta anchor Amanda Davis suffering massive stroke and dying at the Atlanta airport were the top 5 stories for this week, but not strong enough to break into the Big List for the full year of 2017. This week, we break format and give you a glimpse of some of the stories with the largest response from you. This is the Weekly Wrap-Up Show for the week ending 12/30/2017, wrapping up the Big List of Stories for the year 2017.

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