University President Takes $90,000 Pay Cut To Fund Pay Raises For 24 Employees

President Barack Obama proposed raising federal civilian and military pay by 1% across the board next year, but is not risking any part of his $400,000 presidential salary. Raymond Burse, Interim President at Kentucky State University, used his first action in his job to offer a 40% raise to the school’s 24 lowest paid employees. They are now up from $7.25 an hour to 10.25 an hour. He is now out $90,000 of his paycheck a year. A quote from Burse: “I want every one of the kids on this campus to believe that the sky is the limit of what they can achieve. In doing that, what I’m trying to do is emulate to the students on this campus what I think it takes to be successful in this society. I look at myself as a poor country kid from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, trying to do well in this world by treating people right.”

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Should More Executives Sacrifice Their Pay To Fund Raise For Their Employees?

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