Travel Ban For Texas Health Care Workers In Ebola Case

The Texas Department of State Health Service has issued instructions that any person who entered the room of Thomas Duncan, the first Ebola patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, not to travel by public transport or spent time lingering in the general public. This travel ban including planes ship, buses or trains, and visit to high traffic public places (stores, restaurants, theaters, etc.) for 21 days, the accepted time frame for developing a full stage case of Ebola. The health department said anyone failing to adhere to the rules “may be subject to a communicable disease control order.” The health workers were asked to sign a written acknowledgement of the directions when they appear for monitoring. The new rules were issued in the wake of reports that one of the hospital nurses who treated Duncan — 29-year-old Amber Vinson — later flew to Cleveland and then took a return flight Oct. 13 on Frontier Airlines despite having a low-grade fever, indicating the possible onset of Ebola.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Should A Larger Scale Travel Ban Be Instituted To Relieve Some Of The Ebola Fears?

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