TMZ Releases Video Of ‘The Punch’ From Ray Rice

Earlier this year, the NFL gave Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens a two-game suspension after an incident that lead to him knocking out his then fiancee (now-wife) Janay Palmer in a hotel elevator in Atlantic City, N.J. Up until now, we’ve only seen video of the aftermath of Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer out of the elevator. Last night, TMZ released video showing the lead up, the hit, and the aftermath (link to very graphic video here). The NFL has officially upped its domestic abuse penalty to a six-game suspension without pay for the first offense and a lifetime ban for a second offense. Its first test will be the current case against Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: With The Release Of The Ray Rice ‘Punch’ Video, Should The NFL Revisit The Initial Two-Game Suspension?

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