Student Files $3 Million Lawsuit Claiming Hazing Against Prominent Black College Fraternity

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Kevin Hayes, a student from the HBCU Bowie State University in Maryland has filed a $3 million lawsuit claiming he was hazed during the pledge process of joining the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. In the lawsuit filed, Hayes alleges he was beaten, body-slammed, spanked with a wooden paddle on a daily basis between September 2013 and December 2013 and instructed not to tell anyone. He hired attorney Jimmy Bell to handle the case because he couldn’t take the continued harassment, who stated that the abuse continued even after Hayes’ mother contacted Bowie State to complain about the situation, all of which occurred off-campus. Under Maryland’s anti-hazing law, those convicted can be jailed for up to six months and face a $500 fine. Bell believes the law should be tougher, and will push Hayes’ case in hopes to get it strengthened.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Is There A Real Problem With Hazing In College Fraternities?

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