Sony’s Release Of “The Interview” Tests Free Speech And New Technology

With a very limited release through about 300 independent movie theaters across the nation, “The Interview” grossed almost $1 million on Christmas Day, and is expected to clear close to $4 million by Sunday. What’s even more exiting for viewers who would have probably passed on Seth Rogen and James Franco’s controversial R-rated comedy is the ability to watch the film from the comforts of their own homes on the same day as its theatrical release. It was made available for streaming and download via YouTube Movies, Xbox Video and Google Play, and on the day after Christmas, is still the number one rental on the first two platforms. It was overtaken by “Guardians of the Galaxy” on Google Play late Christmas night.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Which Is More Exciting: Getting To Watch “The Interview” In A Theater Or Streaming Into Your Home?

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  1. This movie seemed like garbage when I heard about it months ago, and it still seems like garbage today. The only reason to see it is because of a warped sense of ‘patriotism’ or just to be able to have a conversation about a shared experience not really worth experiencing. not gonna see it.

  2. I streamed it yesterday out of curiosity. It was cool to get a new movie through YouTube on my parents new smart tv. The movie itself would have been forgettable if it weren’t for the hacking news

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