Senator John McCain Working To Purge The Arizona Republican Party Of All Tea Party Officials

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A Republican Senator is hopping to rid himself of a possible menace to his next reelection campaign. People who work for Senator John McCain are reportedly preparing for a battle to rid the Arizona Republican Party of all tea party officials. The master plan would replace them with people sympathetic to the senator as he prepares for an expected bid for a sixth term to represent his state in 2016. A quote coming from Arizona public relations executive and McCain ally Gordon James to Politico, “There’s been a huge organizational effort that I’ve never seen before. A lot of the party folks who were hostile to John McCain have been marginalized, and that’s a good thing.” Tea party leaning officials think it’s just a power mad McCain lashing out for the opposition from the conservatives that don’t believe he is sticking to his guns on their issues.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Is Senator John McCain’s Effort To Remove Tea Party Officials From The Arizona Republican Party Fair Or Foul?

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  1. McCain will be 80 in 2016. I’m not sure I really want to give a man with that much history and little reason to change and upgrade a 6th term. No offense and glad for his military and government service, but it is obvious that there is some need for change in DC

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