Rick Warren Pastors Final Weekend Of Mars Hill Church

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On the final Sunday of the year, many churches have what is jokingly called ‘Youth Pastor Sunday,’ where the Youth Pastor gets to preach to the main congregation as he is the only person available with the bulk of the staff being on vacation. For the final sermon of the multi-campus mega-church Mars Hill Church, there was a special video sermon present by Pastor Rick Warren, who shepherds his own multi-campus mega church, Saddleback Church. The 45 minute message covered how God’s plans tend to make you change your plans in order to ultimately be accomplished. Warren heralded the dissolving of Mars Hill into separately functioning smaller churches will culminate in a great good for all of its members, and that even if the transition causes a little pain, the way the final plan will play out will be glorious.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Is There A Future For Multi-Campus Mega Churches?

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  1. It might just be the lure of the cult of personality, but I think there are to many ‘pastors’ who see megamemberships as a base of power, and these megachurches consolidate their power. There is a problem with the pastors forgeting the wisdom of Uncle Ben Parker letting his nephew Peter (and the world) that with great power comes great responsibility. Once perched in there megachurch kingdoms, they tend to forget about being responsible for the WORD and their people

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