Obama Critic Now Sees Him As One Of The Most “Successful Presidents In American History”

When the crowd showed vocal and voracious support for Senator Barack Obama early in his run for the presidency, opinion writer Paul Krugman offer plenty of words criticism and caution. Now, with pubic support waning in the 6th year in office, Krugman is singing a different tune. In a Rolling Stone cover story, Krugman is offering up a defense for the president that state a case for Obama being one of the most “successful presidents in American history.” Krugman does explain that the praises themselves may need to be qualified at times, but overall, he has racked up plenty of wins in turning around the economy, getting the Affordable Health Care Act passed, achieved some reform for the actions on Wall Street, and in pushes on climate change initiatives. You can read the full article here.

The CONVERSATION QUESTION: Can Barack Obama Be Consider One Of The Most “Successful Presidents In American History?

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