Not Much ‘State’ For The ISIS’ Islamic State

Heavily produced Islamic State videos depict an area of personal harmony and functioning government offices. In reality, the areas that have been taken over by ISIS and their allied groups are experiencing utter chaos and despair. Inside the growing attempted caliphate, living conditions are deteriorating and real services are depleted. Schools barely function, doctors and medicine are scarce, clean water and electricity are not simply unavailable. And sewage is starting to pile up. What services that are being offered air coming from aid workers and government officials of the countries these beleaguered cities actually occupy.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: What Is The Greatest Failure Of The Attempt To Build An Islamic State?

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  1. The greatest failure is these idiots believing they needed and could build it. When George Washington became a civic leader, he stop being an everyday soldier. These people only know how to soldiers for a warped cause, and have no clue that governing take work, not just having a gun to the people’s heads.

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