Kim Jong Un Back On Display For The North Korean People

After 40 days without a public sighting, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has made his first public appearance. Kim was pictured touring the grounds of a newly built housing development and was reportedly also visiting the newly create Natural Energy Institute of the State Academy of Sciences. State-run television showed Un mostly sitting in its reports, but did have some photos of the leader supporting himself with a black cane. International rumors suggest there could be issues as to who is actually in charge in North Korea. The time state television has spent not covering the movement of Un could have been used to draft a cover-up of a possible coup of power in the mysterious region. The reports did not verify when exactly these visits were made, and the Obama administration is trying to determine the report’s authenticity.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Could There Be Trouble Brewing In North Korea With The ‘Disappearance’ Of Leader Kim Jong Un?

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