Kaley Cuoco Flaunts Her Lack Of Feminism And Love Of Being A Housewife


The newest issue of Redbook has “Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco on the cover, and the interview she gives offers come candid insights into her real world. While the magazine probably hoped to lure in readers with tales of her getting breast implants when she was 18 or her new $1 million per episode paychecks for her hit CBS series, the internet is ablaze on her comments on feminism, and her lack of seeing herself as a feminist. Since she “never really faced inequality,” she doesn’t see herself as a person that should be waving a flag for the movement. Plus, she enjoys doing the tradition work that goes into being a housewife whenever possible to her husband of one year.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Is There A Problem With “Big Bang Theory” Actress Kaley Cuoco Not Being A Feminist?

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  1. I’m more annoyed by that new haircut than any of her views. I don’t think the pixie look goes well with her face in general, and that character. But she seems like a level headed person and is free to any view she likes.

  2. She says she has never really faced inequality. She a pretty blond actress who other than thinking she needed a boob job, seems like she’s had a good life so far. Why would she want to be a feminist?

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