Jon Stewart Was First Choice To Helm ‘Meet The Press’

Comedian Jon Stewart is widely regarded as the man who killed CNN’s original shout fest “Crossfire,” and skewers the real news people and agencies four nights a week as host of “The Daily Show.” But a report printed yesterday afternoon in New York Magazine say Stewart was approached by NBC News with a chance to become a real news man himself. Media reporter Gabriel Sherman filed a report that cited three anonymous sources with details of NBC News president Deborah Turness holding negotiations with Stewart and was ready to pay a large sum of money to bring him to “Meet the Press.” In reality, host David Gregory was dropped from the show in August due to declining rating. NBC News’ political director became the new host in September.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Could You Buy Comedian Jon Steward As A ‘Real’ News Reporter?

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  1. NBC does know that ‘The Daily Show’ is a comedy show that parodies real news, right? That network is quickly becoming a joke itself. Was Jack Donagy in on this decision?

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