Jimmy Fallon Learns About What Could Have Been With Nicole Kidman During His On-Air Interview With Her

Jimmy Fallon is living the dream as a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, which led to the chance to host Late Night and The Tonight Show on NBC. But an interview on hi current show with Actress Nicole Kidman, where she was booked to promote her new movie Paddington, provided two totally different perspectives on their first meeting that showed just how lucky he could have possibly been. Around the time Kidman was filming the movie Bewitched, she set up a meeting with Fallon, who was still a cast member on SNL. She had a crush on him, and for the hour or so where they met at his apartment, she did most of the talking, while he mostly ignored the conversation, and at some point started playing a video game. Fallon said he was nervous about the meeting and didn’t have a clue on the crush thing. You can view the interview here.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: What Is Your Most Significant ‘Could Have Been’ Moment?

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