Dr. Ben Carson To Release Video To Announce Candidacy For 2016 Presidential Election

With the 2014 midterm elections done, the fallout out isn’t even in place before many eyes began to focus on the vote to elect the next U.S. President in November of 2016. And it looks like the first unofficial-official hat being tossed in that ring is famous pediatric neurosurgeon and rising conservative political star Dr. Ben Carson. Carson will air a documentary titled “A Breath of Fresh Air: A New Prescription for America,” a nearly 40 minute-long ad introducing himself to the American people this weekend in 22 states and Washington, DC. The paid video will detail some of his biography and family life, and his potential to become a 2016 presidential candidate.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Would Dr. Ben Carson Make A Decent U.S. President?

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  1. There should be a fresh set of possible candidates available. Not sure about Carson’s ability to govern, but his current work at calling out the people currently in charge is great.

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