Denver Leapfrogs Dallas & Takes Top Spot In Poll For ‘America’s Team’ In Football

With all due respect to the seriousness of the Ebola scare that is very real for the city of Dallas, there’s an even stronger virus that has affected the lives of the residents of Big D and NFL fans across the nation for decades: belief that the Dallas Cowboys are ‘America’s Team.’ But it looks like Jerry Jones’ ‘Boys do not have much of a right to keep that claim, so says America. Actually, so says a Harris Poll surveying 2,543 adults taken back in September. This poll has the Denver Broncos taking the top spot as America’s (current) favorite team. After six consecutive years as number 1, the Cowboys ranked at number 4 this year. In contrast, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been at the bottom of the list for five straight years, and has been at the bottom in every year but one since 2005.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Which NFL Franchise Should Be Considered ‘America’s Team?’

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