By The Way, Today Is Meant To Be Columbus Day

Today we celebrate the historic event that took place yesterday, where in Fourteen Hundred Ninety-Two, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. Columbus Day became a federal holiday in the United States in 1937, but Columbus has always had a complicated legacy. A part of that legacy is the holiday named for the man. In many places the holiday has not been dropped, but rather renamed for the people he ‘found’ when he landed near what would later become the Bahamas. South Dakota celebrates the second Monday in October as Native American Day, and the cities of Minneapolis and Seattle recently voted to rename the holiday Indigenous People’s Day in their municipalities.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Should Anyone Still Celebrate Christoper Columbus Or Columbus Day?

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  1. History is proving itself correct in the notion that it is written by whoever wins the wars. The ‘story’ of Columbus is cute to sing aloud in grade school, but the true story of how he even go the chance to sails, and the fate of the know world once he found the wrong land, is both breathtaking and sad.

    Few people are against having a day off for not liking the figure portrayed.. Here in the South, there is a lot of history with the fight against MLK day and the fight for Robert E Lee day, which are both the same day. So let Columbus keep his holiday, and let the banks and post offices use it as an excuse to take the day off. Just remember the real impact of this ‘brave’ captain and his find.

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