Box Office Performance For 2014 Movie Goers Hits Two-Decade Low

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If you are a part of the growing population that is not going to movie theaters to see new release, you are definitely not alone. Preliminary estimates show that number of people going to the movies in North America this year slipped to its lowest level in nearly 20 years. That number is roughly 1.26 billion purchased movie tickets between January 1st and December 31st. That’s lower that the 1.21 billion in 1995 and not very far above the 1.24 billion the previous year. Part of the problem is the selection of movies that classify as must-see experience, but a growing factor is those movies that take advantage of major release in the modern-day 3D format, which skews the average ticket price, and in turn, the calculation of ticket sales.

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  1. I have put enough money and time into our old TV room to make it a nice little Mulitmedia den. I can sit at my house and eat my own food and enjoy the company of only the people I want to be around. I rarely feel the need to of to a theater, and have not need to be a first run consumer

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