Billionaire Charles Koch Seeks Reform For America’s Criminal Justice System

Even people who disagree with the general political views of billionaire chairman and CEO of Koch Industries Charles Koch are having trouble not falling in line with one of his newest goals: reforming America’s criminal justice system to bring more favorable results to disadvantaged litigants. Koch gave an interview last Saturday for The Wichita Eagle, where he discussed how his own experiences in courts handling the problems of billionaires led him to study the basic operations of the justice system at both the state and federal levels. After a case where his corporation paid a settlement and had 97 charges immediately dropped, Koch wondered “how the little guy who doesn’t have Koch’s resources deals with prosecutions like that.” The Koch brothers Charles and David our known for backing candidates and issues through the ultra-conservative group Americans for Prosperity, have also backed criminal justice reform for years with less fanfare. Charles intends to be more vocal for these efforts in the future. You can read the full interview here.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Do You Believe The Billionaire Koch Brothers Want To Play A Role As Agents For Reform Of The America’s Criminal Justice System?

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  1. Being a billionaire doesn’t make a person evil, but it is easy to see from the poor man’s view that they get used to hearing people around them echo their own sentiments. I hope this is a real view and not a PR stunt to gain favor with the public and then push some horrible presidential candidate on us in 2016

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