Atlanta Mayor Sparks Religious Bias Debate After Dismissing City’s Fire Chief

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Kevin Cochran is now the former Fire Chief for the city of Atlanta, Georgia, after being fired for handing our copies of the Christian self-help book he wrote that denounces homosexuality. The book, “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” has a 3.8 out of 5 stars review at, but Mayor Kasim Reed’s decision to dismiss his fire chief last week after giving copies of the book to co-workers doesn’t mean that he is or is not a fan of his work. Mayor Reed is, however, citing a lack of judgment on Cochran in regarding the influence that he sways over the large department and a failure to follow proper protocol in receiving approvals from city officials to publish his book. Support for and against the decision are falling along predicable lines, with liberal gay rights groups calling the dismal “courageous,” and conservatives and religious groups believing Cochran is just the “latest target of politically correct bullying against Bible-believing Christians.”

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Is The Dismissal Of Atlanta’s Fire Chief Over The Views In His Book Fair Or Foul?

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  1. It looks like its a problem created by the fire chief that the mayor was forced to deal with. Someone didn’t like the content of the book for whatever reason, probably more the ‘God’ part than the ‘God hates homosexuals’ part and it created a hostile work environment.

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