Archie Manning On The Sidelines For College Football Playoffs Selection Committee

Archie Manning is considered professional sports royalty, by health issues are forcing the influential football voice of reason to step down from his college football payoff committee post before it can get off the ground. Peyton and Eli’s father underwent knee replacement surgery earlier this year will have additional surgery next month to relief some discomfort, and will be unable to travel to meetings. This means he cannot act as a tie-breaking vote for the now 12 members committee to select the final four teams for the inaugural college national football championship playoff. In the event of a 6-6 deadlock on a vote , the selection committee will continue to discuss and re-vote until someone makes a change. There is no process through which, for example, the chair’s vote breaks a tie.

THE CONVERSATION QUESTION: Can A 12 Member Committee Effective Select The Right Teams For The Inaugural College Football Playoff?

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