SPOILER ALERT: Captain America Revealed To Be ‘Evil’ Double Agent

The Marvel comic character Captain America recently celebrates a 75th birthday. To mark the occasion, the original and now restored alter-ego of Captain America, Steve Rogers, received a new comic and–SPOILER ALERT–a new back story of him being a double agent for the evil organization he’s been defending America against the whole time, Hydra. Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort has been out selling the story to very disappointed fans, but will not back down about this character being Steve Rogers and not a clone, Skrull, Life Model Decoy, brainwashed, or an alternate version from a parallel world. Captain America: Steve Rogers No. 1. details an act of betrayal in current time and the actions that ‘saved’ his mother and himself by the shadow organization before World War II. While some fans are waiting out to see just how the evil Steve Rogers story line will ultimate play out, many fans are angry that a character created by Jewish artist as a blatant symbol against the Nazi regime is now being reconned to an apparent sympathizer.

The Conversation Question: Are You Shocked By The New ‘Evil’ Captain America?

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  1. This is about shock value. I’d think this was a money grab, but no one buys comic books any more and this is such an odd and seemingly unrealistic change to a beloved character.

  2. If ‘characters’ like Hulk Hogan and Sgt Slaughter can go evil and become collaborators with known enemies, and play up their evil nature, why not Captain America? They can fix it. Cap’s been dead at least three times in 75 years.

  3. Superman’s dead (again) and Captain America’s now (and apparently always has been) working for Hydra?

    Can a supervillain takeover the mind of a character like SpiderMan and try to prove that he could be even better at being a superhero? Oh wait…

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